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11.23 2007

You’re either with us or against us.

Hoselton &
Lynch &
Olanday &

11.20 2007

Isaac Lin in Portland.

From the studios of recent MFA and BFA graduates of CCA. Information for Portland people.
Isaac Lin will melt your face.

11.20 2007

Trading Space 1026

Philadelphia: Dickinson Street

Ryan is a writer for the weekly City Paper, and Aryon does operations at the art collective 1026. They’ll be swapping with Rose and Thom who are in the art-dance band Sweat-heart. These South Philly hipsters swap their pads and decorate each other’s digs.


Come watch the show live at Space 1026, 1026 Arch Street 2nd floor, with Aryon and Ryan. In place of Thom and Rose, who will be art-dancing with Gill Mantera at the Knitting Factory, we will be playing Sweatheart videos and related reality Rose work curated (and filmed) by Ted Passon.

Come early and check out the 10 Year Space 1026 Retrospective.

11.20 2007

More Art Auction Donations!

Monster McRight holds a recent Space 1026 Art Auction Donation.
Get Aah Real Job, Make Money, and Come Buy Some Art.

Learn more about the auction and donating your own art.

11.18 2007

Cosmic Cantina

COSMIC CAFE : A 1026 Food Show

Friday, February 29th at 7 pm – yup, come celebrate the day that only comes once every four years (=LEAP YEAR) with the kids at Space 1026 for the annual Food Show! Get your freaky cuisine in the oven and get it to Space 1026 to share.

Costumes or festive dress encouraged. Bring your friends – there will be entertainment, photo ops and mummers!

Bringing a dish?
* Free for you to get in (otherwise it’s $5 suggested donation which supports mummers and Space projects)

* Please get to the gallery by 6:15 to set up your conconction.

* We like to encourage folks to bring serving utensils, we wil have a limited selection.

* It is going to be the greatest potluck ever

* There will be some drinks, but if we screw up and forget to buy them, or run out, there is always WAWA next store…

Need suggestions for something to make? Dishes can be as diverse as the cosmos – bake or cook something inspire by astronomy, science fiction, scientology or how about astrology –we don’t care as long as it’s entertaining…the sky’s not even the limit… watch star wars, log onto the hubble or think back to 2001 A Space Oyssey…Or just watch the lunar eclipse tomorrow for inspiration

The Space 1026 store will be open during the food show, make sure to check out the limited edition poster for the Cosmic Cafe by Salty Snacks will be available for purchase.

Questions? email Caitlin Perkins at caitlinemmaperkins at

No aliens were harmed in the planning of this event.

11.16 2007

Bill McRight is not a thug.

But he knows how to shoot a gun.

11.13 2007

Roman Hasiuk donated a splendid print for the 1026 Art Auction.

Read all about it.
Tell your friends/neighbors/enemies/loved ones.

1026 Art Auction will be massive this year.

11.12 2007

Fire Escape Wood Shop

Jacob Marcinek, super friend of Space 1026, cutting wood with sunglasses on at 10pm before our 10 Year Retrospective opening.

11.09 2007

Space 1026 Art Auction

*** The Auction will be held on Friday the 7th and not Thursday the 6th as we listed on all the postcards and posters. ***

This has been an incredible year for Space 1026 beginning with our Ewok Village installation at the Institute of Contemporary, staying strong with shows in Brooklyn, London and Chelsea and finishing with our 10 year retrospective that is currently on view until the end of December in our gallery. Our gallery has also hosted work by Matt Leines, Jordon Isip, Cannonball Press, Alison Macrina, as well as a pile of Canadians, North Carolinans and Western Massachutes. Check the links at the end of this listing for more info.

Come help make all this madness continue by participating in our annual Art Auction. Past auctions have included work from ESPO, Barry McGee, Judith Schaecter, Matt Leines. Submissions have already begun piling up for this year’s auction. Along with submissions from individual 1026 artists we have work from each of our group shows including books from Bravin Lee, art from our ICA show, as well as wearable art from our show in London.

Check back soon for details on recent submissions.

* New this year we will be accepting credit cards through the use of Pay Pal along with cold hard cash. *

* We will also be holding a week long EBay auction of the most prized submissions. *

Buy Early, Buy Often



Locally Localized Gravity at the ICA
Cinders Gallery in Brooklyn
Bravin Lee in Chelsea

We will also be accepting submissions throughout the month before the auction:

Download Art Auction Submission Form

Please include two copies of a short work/bio write-up including: your name, title, retail price, if you have a specific opening bid price, something exciting about yourself (some sort of bio/past shows/favorite smell).

ATTN: Aryon Hoselton
Space 1026
1026 Arch Street 2nd Floor
Philadelphia PA, 19107

Aryon Hoselton: Email 215-833-5672


O. Roman Hasiuk presents his print donation.

Beth Brandon donated a rad apron.

Will Buzzel donated the Statue of Liberty.

11.06 2007

Daniel Johnston, Lightning Bolt’s Chippendale Show Art

Even Pitchfork found a way to mention our 10 Year Show recently:

We rule the internets.