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12.20 2008

Sewathon: 24 Hour Mummer Happening

We are sewing live in the gallery until Sunday, December 20th, noon o’ clock. Come visit.

12.19 2008

Art Auction Photos

All photos copyright courtesy correct by Space Super Friend Rebecca Mott.

> See the full set on Flickr.

12.19 2008

Art Auction Videos

> More videos (with horribly distorted audio) can be found on our Ustream page.

12.18 2008

* Last Chance eBay Auction *

For anyone who missed out on the Space 1026 Annual Art Auction we are offering the last 4 of our donations online. Auction ends on Sunday.

Thanks to everyone for your support! We have some incredible things planned for you next year.

> View the full listings on eBay.

12.13 2008

Sewathon: A Mummer Happening

Saturday December 20 – Sunday 21, Noon to Noon

Our annual 24 hour sewing event will take place in Space 1026 again. Stop by to witness costume making, dancing, music performances and discussions on unitard theory.

$5 dollar donation if you’re entertained.
FREE for everyone if you’re not (entertained by our antics).

12.13 2008

New eBay Hotness!

Our eBay Auction Items are available for the time listed above.

Check out the full listings on eBay

12.12 2008


Our internet will probably go down, my computer will be out of power and a host of other things will probably prevent this from happening BUT check back tonight for a live broadcast of tonight’s auction.

Free Videos by Ustream.TV

12.12 2008

Win a Warehouse [lease]

Unexpected art auctions are still showing up at Space today. Nothing is going to top the Warehouse Lease Donation though.

* One Year Lease to the winner
* 1634 N. Randolph Street, Warehouse, 2800 square feet

Start your own 1026. Dreams start at $5.

12.08 2008

Space 1026 eBay Auction open!

Currently we are offering three prints. New work will be added tonight from Space 1026 members.

Jason Hsu Print
Xander Marro Print
Shepard Fairey Print

Full Listings

Bidding starts at 5 bucks!

12.05 2008

about space 1026

This art auction helps ensure that Space 1026 can continue showing artists from all over the world in our gallery, hold community centered events and provide a collaborative and supportive environment to the Philadelphia community.