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02.12 2008

White Noise mystics at Space 1026

At a moment when the so-called adults of the world are failing to find solutions to the big problems that face us on Planet Earth, a desperate new generation is turning to mysticism for a way out of the mess we are making.

Their thinking is not so far from the thinking of the ’60s, with its search for transcendance through sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.

White Noise at Space 1026 this month is a group show about modern mysticism, spirituality, new psychedelia and the environment. It draws artists from coast to coast and includes one from Finland.

Read the full review on Artblog

02.11 2008

SPACE 1026 at the MoMA

PopRally Presents an Evening with Cannonball Press & Space 1026

The Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Education and Research Building

Join PopRally for a special night with Martin Mazorra and Mike Houston, printmakers and founders of Cannonball Press, along with artists from Space 1026, a unique creative community located in downtown Philadelphia.

Cannonball Press is a Brooklyn-based organization that produces affordable black and white prints by a number of artists (including Sean Star Wars, David Rees, David Ellis, Maya Hayuk, and Swoon.) In addition to their own art, Mazorra and Houston also work together to create large format woodcut prints. Space 1026 was founded over a decade ago by a handful of artists and tricksters who organize rowdy public events and outrageous installations at their building and at other institutions. At the heart of Space 1026 is a communal screenprinting workshop where the madness comes to life.

Following presentations by the artists, Gretchen Wagner, Curatorial Assistant in MoMA’s Department of Prints & Illustrated Books, moderates a discussion about the artists’ work, printmaking, collaborations, and more. A cocktail reception follows the event.

Tickets are $5 and are available at the Museum information and Film desks. You must be twenty-one or older to attend this event.

The Cullman Education and Research Building is located at 4 West 54 St.

Details on the MoMA site

PopRally would like to thank Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte for their sponsorship.

PopRally is funded by the generous support of Katherine Farley and Jerry I. Speyer.

Image Credit: Space 1026. Locally Localized Gravity (installation view, Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania). 2007. Photo: Adam Wallacavage

02.07 2008

STORE 1026 in the tubes.

City Paper just covered Store 1026.

Read the full article.

Check out the Store 1026 photos that didn’t make the article below.

Store 1026 product

Store 1026 product

Store 1026 product

Store 1026 product

01.30 2008

Message to the Mayor

Mayor Nutter has not yet acted on his campaign promise to reinstate the Office of Arts & Culture.

With the city budget deadline rapidly approaching, Space 1026 is working with Roberta Fallon and Libby Rosof of Artblog to make the face of the “arts” constituency somehow more real than it seems when people talk about artists and the arts.

1. Take a photo of yourself in your environment.

2. Email your 375 x 281 pixel photo to with your name and the location of the picture.

3. Please inform other artists via email, phone or handshake.

Learn More on Artblog

01.30 2008

Office of Arts and Culture and art czar in jeopardy

The city budget is being decided by the end of this month and there is a possibility that Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter’s campaign promise of reestablishing an Office of Arts and Culture and art czar may be broken.

Full Story on ArtBlog

“Failing to appoint and failing to create the office would be a missed opportunity — as well as a broken campaign promise. We in the visual arts community were counting on Nutter to make it right for the arts community when we gave him our votes. Raise your voices asap!”

01.30 2008

The Philadelphia Institute for Advanced Study EVENTS

January 16: Pen16+Game Lab
This January 16th, Pen 16 combines forces with Game Lab. We will be playing a drawing game, Glinks, which generates large abstract mosaics based on a few simple rules of engagement.

The game is an attempt to crossbreed Cellular Automata with games and the act of drawing, and is still under development.

Non-competitive drawing will also be permitted. And if possible, bring graph paper. 8:00PM- 10:00PM

January 17: Zimoun. Statics III
The PRO HELVETIA Swiss Arts Council and the Culture Department of Berne, Switzerland present:

Swiss installation and sound artist Zimoun performing his “Statics III,” as well as performance by New York-based filmmaker Andy Graydon.

Promises to be an interesting evening. The doubtful are directed to Zimoun’s and Andy’s previous work. 8:30 PM

01.15 2008


Printing Event + Pinata Party = Mummer Happening

The Vaudevillains invite you to their first fund raiser of the new year.

$5 provides 5 blank cards for you to print and art up for the loved/hated one in your life.

Frustrated by all of this Valentine’s Day emptiness? Come break some pinata hearts too.

Store 1026 and the Give-Away Shop will be open providing goods both free and affordable.

Partial proceeds benefit the Folk Arts Charter School in Chinatown.

Noon to 4pm.

As always:
Space 1026
1026 Arch Street
2nd Floor

01.09 2008

Brian Willmont Photos & Review

Art in the Age wrote a quick review of the Brian Willmont show that is currently on display in the 1026 gallery until January 25th.

Check our flicks of the show.

01.08 2008

Mixmaster Mike!

1. Vaudevillain’s co-captain Aryon Hoselton and Christine Knapp from Penn Future with our favorite Mayor. Electronic Ink, a digital design firm based in Philadelphia where I currently work, designed Mayor Nutter’s website and were gracious enough to give me a ticket.
2. Inside of the Naval Base reception hall.

3. Food.

4. Undercover operatives.

5. Flag thief.

01.01 2008


The parade has been delayed until 12noon meaning:

* Members will Line up at Broad & Washington at 10:45 * Just get to Space as soon as you can, hang out, drink coffee, rehearse.

* We perform anytime between noon and 1pm. Get your ass to A Stand. We have quite a show for you. *

More info:KYW Radio on the Web