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08.09 2017

Destroy Content Desert – Long Live Content Desert

Content Desert is a post-internet object, a journey through graphic refuse amassed and extruded over several stylized chapters. The 450-plus pages of Content Desert anachronously proceed from it’s obnoxious tag line of “1,000,0000 years of broken graphics… load more, know less”.
Pre-order Content Desert ☻☻☻ Pre-order Content Desert ☻☻☻ Pre-order Content Desert
Pre-order Content Desert ☻☻☻ Pre-order Content Desert ☻☻☻ Pre-order Content Desert

Pre-order Content Desert ☻☻☻ Pre-order Content Desert ☻☻☻ Pre-order Content Desert

05.27 2014

Cars Will Burn ((( ♫ Mix ♫ )))

Cars Will Burn

Douglas Fir ((( ♫ Mix ♫ ))) featuring Meek Mill, Mincemeat Or Tenspeed, David Lynch’s ‘Return Of The Jedi’

Commas Steady Coming ((( ♫ Mix ♫ ))) featuring DJ Rashad, Narwhalz Of Sound, 2 Chainz, Moon Bounce

Ladies Night ((( ♫ Mix ♫ ))) featuring Gobby, Noo Bap, Christina Mili, People Skills

New New ((( ♫ Mix ♫ ))) featuring Steve Moore, Unguent, Nicki Minaj, Profligate

Wet ((( ♫ Mix ♫ ))) featuring Migos, Perc, Charles Cohen, Joe Lentini

08.03 2012

TONIGHT! FINDER – new work by Ryan Parker

Ryan Parker: Finder

August 3- August 25, 2012

Opening Reception: Friday, August 3rd 6:00 – 10:00 p.m.

Tonight is the opening reception of Ryan Parker’s latest work.

Here is a sneak peek of the installation. Come out and support your local artist!

06.05 2009


Space 1026 presents the official beginning of summer fun:

One woman, one sequencer, one keyboard, two knees to slide on, and many big sounds. Power-pop, love, dance, fun, workout-eat-your-heart-out party.
From France, Portland, and everywhere in between.

ANNAH. (Oakland, CA)
Solo soothing good vibe melodies with spoons, gas masks, live loops, and overhead projections from Oakland, CA.

Philly video-band superstars! Three-voices and three keyboards and the occaisional glock with stop-animations and video love. Get ready to stand in back of the crush line.

Space 1026
1026 Arch St.

12.12 2008

Win a Warehouse [lease]

Unexpected art auctions are still showing up at Space today. Nothing is going to top the Warehouse Lease Donation though.

* One Year Lease to the winner
* 1634 N. Randolph Street, Warehouse, 2800 square feet

Start your own 1026. Dreams start at $5.

11.26 2008

You Can Read A Thing Bonnie Wrote on McSweeney’s Website

About a year and a half has passed since they told me they were going to run it, and now it’s finally up all of a sudden.

I’m as surprised as you are.

It’s a “Review of New Food”, currently the fourth one from the top on that page. You can read it HERE.

11.24 2008

Hometown Heroes

Hometown Heroes Photo (11/15/08)


Seated (left to right): Bob Pierson, Partnership Recycling, Meenal Raval, Philly Freecycle, David Biddle, Greater Philadelphia Commercial Recycling Council, Maurice Sampson II, Recycle NOW

Second row (left to right): Helen Seitz, Weaver’s Way Coop Recycling, Mike Simons, Please Take Materials Exchange, The Mayor, Bob Anderson, Blue Mountain Recycling, Aryon Hoselton, Space 1026 Recycling

Back row (left to right): Stevik Kretzmann, Weaver’s Way Coop Recycling, Glenn Stieffenhofer, University of Pennsylvania PennMOVES, Dalton Hance, Pedal Co-op

Copyright Jaci Downs

11.21 2008

‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,’ and Below That, the Basement

Adam Wallacavage in the NY Times.

> My Home, My Self: Photography as Art Project

> Photoshoot

11.19 2008

Jacob Marcinek is older.

> He knows how to screenprint too.

10.30 2008


Snax, Bill and Aryon on Broad Street after the Phillies won the World Series.

Aryon is a faker. Bill is a fan.

We’re #1.

This happened to Ted’s Car.

My name is Ted Passon. Philly flipped my car. I hope they can help fix it. It happened after the world series at Broad and Ellsworth St. at approx. 1:30am.

Please help if you can. If 300 people give $10.00 each I’m sure I could get a new car. Whatever you can offer will be much appreciated.

Donate to Ted at:
Philly Fix My Car

Phillies win! Trees lose!

Avenue of the Torn Up Tree Planters.

Video of the fire that Snax is number oneing in front of.