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12.05 2012


Preview Night is your first opportunity to check out the items up for Auction on Friday, December 14th. It is also the kick-off  for our exciting Week of Events schedule. All of our events which include a winter formal, and  a screen printing workshop are meant to show you how much you mean to us, and to get you into the gallery to check out the work! Join us! Preview Night Friday December 7th from 7 – 10 p.m. Space 1026 /1026 Arch St. 2nd Fl, Philadelphia, PA 19107

11.26 2012


screenprinting workshop

December 9th – Sunday – B.Y.O.G. (Bring Your Own Garment) :

A screenprinting workshop 3:00 – 6:00 p.m.

Bring your own shirt, tote, or piece of fabric and get an image by a Space 1026 member forever printed on your garment!

12.08 2011


TOMORROW – Space 1026 Art Auction

Friday, Dec. 9th

doors at 6, AUCTION AT 7PM

more donations added to the Flickr – check it out

Max Seckel

Scott Kip - detail

Hawk Krall

Matt Leines

Marc Bell, Amy Lockhart, Mark Connery

Roman Hasiuk

12.06 2011

TOMORROW NIGHT – Sketch Playground!

A night of sketch and improv hosted by Dan Vetrano.

Wednesday, December 7th (Facebook event page)
Sketch Playground with Dan Vetrano
doors 7:30, comedy 8pm

12.05 2011

TOMORROW NIGHT – Herstorys, Mysterys

Herstorys, Mysterys (Facebook event page)
What is herstory?  Who tells it?  Why is it so hard to read?
The olde Pennsylvania City Powerpointe society for baby geniuses, old orphans, new logos, and cosmonaut trannies presents “Herstorys Mersterys”, a powerpoint lecture series.
Tellin’ “history” like it really is: Michelle Gerkovich, Maxine Seckel, Wendy Jane Hyatt, Joanna S. Quigley, Beth Heinly, Wilma Dean, Billy Jean Fatzinger, Scout Gelber, Geraldine Lavin, Abbey Sarver, and Katrina Ohstrom
doors 7:30, powerpoint 8pm

12.04 2011



The New Dreamz are performers Rose Luardo and Andrew Jeffrey Wright ( Come see their brand new show of short plays and stand up comedy. It is all new and has never been done anywhere before ever.
doors 7:30pm, performance 8pm to 9pm

12.03 2011

TOMORROW – Open Studio Tours & Performance

OPEN STUDIO TOUR! (Facebook event page)
Ever wonder what goes on at Space 1026 in between monthly First Friday openings? Here’s your chance to check out what our over 20 members are up to in their individual and shared studio spaces.
1pm to 4pm


The Beautiful Refrigerator is Empty, performed by No Face (Facebook event page)

We welcome Philadelphia-based performance artists to perform their play The Beautiful Refrigerator is Empty, a multi-disciplinary drag show exploring the pressures of adolescence.
More information on No Face here.
doors 7:30pm, performance begins at 8pm


12.03 2011

back again this year, Auctioneer Todd Kimmell!

Todd Kimmell, photo by Adam Wallacavage

photograph by Adam Wallacavage

Todd Kimmell, AKA That Toddly Man, will join us again this year as our auctioneer. His new studio is in a 100 year old bowling alley in Ardmore that no one knew was there. Not kidding.

If you visit, he suggests a bottle of decent port or a six pack of hard cider as the password. That said, visitors really are welcome, and the ancient two lane bowling alley is in fine working order.

When we asked our perennial gentleman of the arts why he willingly puts himself through an evening of torture on our behalf, he simply smiled and sang “The ham bone ‘s connected to the… jaw bone!”

12.02 2011

TOMORROW! Saturday Session of the AV Club

Saturday Session of the AV Club (Facebook event page)
We welcome the Museum of Children’s Electronic Instruments for a day of audio/visual fun!  Learn how to make music with electronic music machines, basic safe circuit bending and creating video art. Play some songs and enjoy refreshments.

This is a family-friendly electronic music-making event – please bring your kids!
1pm to 4pm

12.01 2011

Art Auction Preview

Bellow are a few donations that will be auctioned on Friday, December 9th!

For additional details view the Auction Info Page!

Even more donations will be available to preview here.