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10.02 2018

Overgrown at the Fairmount House

Members and alumni of Space 1026 are pleased to present Overgrown – a jungle inspired gallery with original pieces and a collective installation opening October 5th!


09.28 2018

Space 1026 Yard Sale


We’ve never had a yard and soon we won’t have a building. We are cleaning out our studios and flat files! Come and get art supplies, prints, nic-nacs, bric-a-bracs, stuff from the walls of Space 1026 and who knows what else!
at Space 1026
1026 Arch St.
2nd fl.
Image by @procrastonate

08.13 2018

Our Building Has Been Sold


After 20 plus years of art exhibitions, music shows, dance parties, comedy shows and art performances in our gallery, and non-stop art making in our studios, the only building that Space 1026 has ever occupied has been sold. It’s a bit of a mystery how Space 1026 has lasted so long, but it has. This said, we are not part of the new owner’s plans for the building.

Space 1026 was started as a place to create and show art with people that were actual friends that shared a common vision of “do it yourself, with other people”. We’ve had 10 to 12 art shows a year every year since November 1997. We have shown art by Daniel Johnston, Rebecca Westcott, Cory Arcangel, Ed Templeton, Shepard Fairey, Cynthia Connolly, Jim Houser and hundreds more. We’ve been having performances and parties in our space since February 1998, when the Rhode Island collective Fort Thunder exhibited in our gallery and the duo Lightning Bolt played the opening reception. Kimya Dawson, Bahamadia, Kim Gordon and Ian Svenonius have all played music in our gallery. MF Doom’s album, “Vaudeville Villain” was recorded at Space 1026. Comedian Maria Bamford has performed in our gallery. Whether you’ve donated $5 to see a music show or spent hundreds of dollars at our yearly art auction or exhibited your work in our space or have simply walked into our gallery to view the show, it’s all support and we appreciate it.

We have been described as an “art school, without the school”. The Space 1026 alumni list is very long. Clare Rojas, Jayson Musson, Becky Suss, Adam Wallacavage, Isaac Lin, Tara Booth, and Alex Da Corte are just a few people that have made art in our studios. Space 1026 has been the home of some independently owned companies, like Reload Bags, Megawords, All Ages Productions, Free News Projects and The Philadelphia Independent. As an art making collective, Space 1026 has had group shows in London, Puerto Rico, Oakland, New York and many other places. Since 2007, Space 1026 has been home to a Mummers NYB called The Vaudevillains, who help bring rainbow glitter and diversity to the Philadelphia folk tradition. All of this has been made possible by past and present members, friends and supporters of Space 1026.

We have been recognized as an art space that is not quite like any other art space in the city or even the country. We have been written about in many publications, some of which no longer exist in print form, like SPIN, and some that do, like The Philadelphia Inquirer. Part of our uniqueness is the architectural structure of the two floors we occupy and the other part relies on the way in which we occupy those two floors which we will remodel with materials from Melbourne cork board flooring.

We will have affordable studios and a screen printing facility like we always have. We will  have a gallery and continue with exhibitions and live events and add regular, highly affordable workshops which will be open to the public. Other new aspects that will be a part of the new Space 1026 will depend on the building we find.  Artists in residence programs? Expanded printing facilities? Multiple galleries? An area designated for performances? We’ll see. The search has begun.

When we started Space 1026 we had to sign a two year lease and that made us nervous, because at that point, we didn’t know what we would want to be doing two years into the future. Twenty years later, with our building being sold by experts like the Barrie real estate development agents, we know what we and the community want, and that is for Space 1026 to continue to exist. We want to stay and serve Philadelphia in a permanent way.

Space 1026 is not a registered non-profit and because of this, we have always existed without the help of grant funding. We exist by members paying rent, people buying art, people coming to performances and donations to our art auction. We do not have a surplus of funds waiting around for the ‘rainy day’ that is now upon us. We will need the help of others like never before to secure our future. We are very excited for the new future. Please help if you can.

Space 1026


Drawing of Space1026 by Brian Lynch, photograph by Adam Wallacavage

06.29 2018

Space 1026 Open Studios Event


SPACE 1026 Open Studios
Saturday, June 30th
noon – 6pm

For the first time in 20 and 1/2 years, Space 1026 is having an open studios event! Come and see studios of current members and all the areas of Space 1026 that are usually off limits during openings and events. And if you want, you can buy art directly from the artists in their studios. Some of the participating artists are:
Will Laren
Jackie Quinn
Cat Bodnyk
Angela Rio
James Bonney
Kees Holterman
Kristina Centore
Miriam Singer
Al San Valentin
Andrew Jeffrey Wright
and more!

June 30th is also the last day to see the art show, FREAK ACCIDENT, in our gallery!

06.13 2018

Circa 2007, from Death Bomb Arc…

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 5.29.15 PM

1.Talk About A Dream Try To Make It Real 03:42
2.But Until Then Tramps Like Us Baby We Were Born To Run 03:19
3.Born Down In A Deadman’s Town 02:52
4.I Was Bruised And Battered And I Couldn’t Tell What I Felt 00:54
5.Got A Wife And Kids In Baltimore Jack 02:24
6.You Ain’t A Beauty But Hey You’re Alight (w/ Holyghost) 01:20
7.I Get Up In The Evening And I Ain’t Got Nothing To Say (ft. Mincemeat or Tenspeed) 02:53

05.12 2018

June Exhibition at Space 1026: FREAK ACCIDENT

Joanna Fields, Angela Rio & Jenna Robb

June 1 – June 29, 2018

Opening Reception – Friday, June 1st, 6 – 11pm

Space 1026
1026 Arch St.
2nd fl.
Phila., PA 19107



Image by Joanna Fields

05.04 2018

Best Side ♫ mix ♫ for Endless Others

Best Side ♫ mix ♫ by or Twenty XX “That’s Us”… Including tracks by Lewis Grant, SND, Actress, Omar , Form A Log, Dale Cornish, Prefix Moniker, Wilted Woman, SOPHIE, and more!

04.25 2018

Comedy & Coke! At Space 1026!

Comedy & Coke!
A night of comedy with house band The Coke Dares!

With Comedy From:
Kyle Harris
Matt & Jacquie
Rose Luardo
Joe Bell
Molly Hanulec
Zak Krone
Sidney Gantt
Kara Sankus
Sarah Bell
& Kip LaCombe

And music all night long by

The Coke Dares!

Hosted by Andrew Jeffrey Wright

Space 1026
1026 Arch St.
2nd fl.

04.22 2018


After 20.5 years, Space 1026 is having it’s first ever Zeen Fair!

Saturday, April 28th, noon – 6pm

Come see and buy zeens from:
Andrew Jeffrey Wright
Angela Rio
Art Works
Basic Edition
Brickman Publications
Center For Creative Works
Ceremonious People
Clint Soren
Daniel Hughes
Dan Murphy/Megawords
Emilia Brintnall
Gabriela Basyuk
Goda Trakumaite
Greg Labold
Jason Killinger
Justine Kelley
Kees Holterman
Lance Simmons
Lauren Poor
Longgate Publications
Manda Quevedo
Nick Norman
Paige Hanserd
Rodger Binyone
Ryan Strand Greenberg
Sometimes Publishing
Space 1026
Stephany McKean
and more!!!

Image by Ben Harrison



03.19 2018

Andrew Jeffrey Wright Solo Exhibition At Pressure Club


Andrew Jeffrey Wright collaborated with Pressure Club print studio and gallery. The results are on view in his solo show, Four of Everything.

Four of Everything –  March 16th – April 27th

Pressure Club, 711 W. Thompson St., Philadelphia

By appointment, contact through–> PRESSURE CLUB