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05.30 2014

Haverhill Experimental Film Festival 2014 Winners


We will be screening the winners of the 2014 Haverhill Experimental Film Festival:

Saturday, June 7th @ 7:30p
1026 Arch St, 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107

H.E.F.F. on 95 is a curatorial venture down Interstate 95 showcasing the winning films of the 2014 Haverhill Experimental Film Festival.

The roughly 1.5 hour program will feature national and international contemporary work in avant-garde cinema. Including everything from VHS distortion, to 16mm animation, to experimental documentaries.


03.09 2012

TONIGHT in South Phila

Tonight (Friday March 9th), at Cha Cha Razzi (1918 S. Bancroft, South Philly), 8pm SHARP!
Powerpoint and video antics featuring Michael Gerkovich, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Rose Luardo, Noface performance group, Jason Hsu, Scott Gelber, Billy Fatzinger Jr., Abbey Lee Sarver, Katrina Ohstrom, Charmaine, Malwina Andruczyk, Will Dean, Tom Cory, and Max Seckel
Donation$ because everyone is poor.

11.30 2011


“A Brief History of Porn: A Multimedia Lecture” 8:00pm @ Space 1026


“A Brief History of Porn” is a multimedia lecture delivered by Sam Benjamin, author of the forthcoming book, “American Gangbang: A  Love Story” (Simon and Schuster, 2011), a true memoir of Benjamin’s five-year stint as director and performer in Los Angeles’s adult film industry.

Length: Approximately 90minutes.


About Sam Benjamin

Sam Benjamin was born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. From 1995 to 1999, he attended Brown University. Upon graduating, he received the annual William J. Weston Award for achievement in Film and Video. Post-school life led Sam to Santa Cruz, California, where he first conceived of his pornographic destiny. He would create “feel-good” erotic films – adult movies that actually had some sort of plot – and sell them on eBay, garnering a modest fame for his efforts, revolutionizing a dying genre, and making a small killing in the process.

Benjamin worked in porn for three years; became rich; found porno love; broke his heart; burnt out; quit the biz; cleared his head; atoned for his sins; returned home; applied to graduate school.

Sam Benjamin graduated from the California Institute of the Arts in 2005, with a joint degree in Critical Studies and Integrated Media. He has been a guest lecturer at NYU and will speak extensively this fall at universities across the United States.


09.19 2011

Film screening & powerpoint comedy TONIGHT

Monday Sept. 19th, at 8pm

@ Space 1026 (1026 Arch St. 2nd flr)
A film screening and powerpoint event

The Third Person, directed by Max Juren (touring from Austin, TX)
with powerpoint comedy antics by local weirdos:
Michael Gerkovich
Will Dean
Wendy Jane Hyatt & Gera Lavin
Joanna Quigley

“A zillion times better than Monday Nite Football”
-11 out of 10 trusted experts agree

Seriously, this movie is really really funny, and your life is going to be lacking something special if you miss it.

07.28 2010

2 Nights of Skate films about NY City

Wednesday, July 28th,7:30 pm
Special Screening
in Honor of Andy Kessler

Deathbowl to Downtown: The Evolution of Skateboarding New York City

Dir. Coan Nichols and Rick Charnoski (2009)
87 min.
Deathbowl to Downtown documents the shift in skateboarding primacy from the parks and the pools of sunny California in the 70’s to the gritty streets of New York in the 90’s. This transition also foretells the recent hybrid uptake of skateboard culture in Harlem and other communities of color.
Panel Discussion and Reception to follow!

Thursday, July 29th, 6pm
Screening in Honor of Harold Hunter
Skating @ Lenox Ledges (110th and Lenox)
Followed by an 8pm screening at Maysles Cinema

Legends Never Die
Harold Hunter Tribute

15 Years of NYC Skteboarding ( 95’-’10) by R.B. Umali.
In the Streets – Steve Marino
55 Nights on Your Couch – 5boro
Reception to follow!

Maysles Cinema
343 Lenox ave
bet 127&128th st
$10 Suggested Donation

07.20 2010

Sublime Frequencies

So I meant to post these a while ago, but the website was being worked on at the time.

The wonderful folks from Sublime Frequencies stopped at the space to show there latest videos from Africa! The footage was really transporting and it was a wonderful experience just getting a glimpse into another world. If you ever have a chance to watch a screening I highly recommend it.

You can see a trailer for Olivia Wyatt’s film here. And it looks like they have a kickstarter project page to raise money for a trip to Sudan.

06.21 2010

Staring into the Sun


8:00PM Staring into the Sun
A film by Olivia Wyatt
60 minutes

Staring into the Sun is the latest ethno-folk cinema classic from Sublime Frequencies. Ethiopia is known to be one of the oldest areas inhabited by humans and presently has over 80 diverse ethnic groups. Photographer/filmmaker Olivia Wyatt explores 13 different tribes throughout Ethiopia in this visually stunning film. Traveling from the northern highlands to the lower Omo Valley, Wyatt brings together the worlds of Zar spirit possession; Hamer tribal wedding ceremonies; Borena water well polyphonic singing; wild hyena feedings; and bizarre Ethiopian TV segments; presenting an enchanting look at these ethereal images, landscapes and sounds from the horn of Africa. The tribes featured in this film are captured with an unflinching sense of realism and poetic admiration resulting in a visual and aural feast of the senses.

Land of the Songhai
A film By Hisham Mayet
30 minutes

Hisham Mayet’s latest film explores the music and landscape of the Songhai, around the Niger River in Western Niger. Zarma mock possession hoedowns, Wodaabe trance vocal performances, Spirit possession ceremonies, Godje one sting laments, contigi string masters, comsaa griots and Sahel night markets create a bizarre and fascinating glimpse into the arid and culturally vibrant bend in the Niger river.

sublime frequencies
staring into the sun trailer

$5 suggested donation

hisham mayet dj after party @ kung fu necktie

for more info email:
crystalstokowski at

11.29 2009


Sunday December 6th 5-8pm at Space 1026

Kilowatt Ours is a documentary by Jeff Barrie that has become a national movement to promote energy conservation, efficiency and renewable energy.
Kilowatt Ours is also a non profit organization advocating for conservation power plants in every community in America. We provide resources for homes, businesses, schools and communities to begin their journey to energy savings.