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10.31 2010

Chrissy Piper Interviewed on WKDU. Getting ready for Fridays show.

Be sure to tune in tonight and catch an interview with this months artist Chrissy Piper as she talks with Philadelphia celebrity and punk legend Mike Mckee. Expect callers and DJing songs from some of the people photographed in the show. This will be a lot of fun. Its tonight from 10-12 (she will be on somewhere in between then sometime…) on WKDU but if you miss it you can still get it from the show’s site here.

10.20 2010

Isaac’s Opening

Pictures from Isaac’s opening on the 9/16. His show is up for another month so check it out!

Isaac Tin Wei Lin – One Of Us
The Print Center
1614 Latimer Street
Philadelphia PA 19103

September 7th – November 20th, 2010

10.16 2010

Dreaming of Comedy

Comedy Dreamzzzz
COMEDY DREAMZ ——————— Tuesday October 19th
A night of stand-up, short plays, video, music and whatever!

Hosted by Rose Luardo and Andrew Jeffrey Wright

Featuring Doogie Horner, Malwina Andruczyk, Meg and Rob, David L. Byrne, Billy Bob Thompson, Dj Jem, Body Dreamz, Sydney Gantt, Sharkee Katz, DJ Kurt Life, Jimmy Kelleher, Jessica Ciocci and more! Videos by Jayson Musson and The New Dreamz with Dave Dunn!

the Barbary
951 Frankford and Delaware Ave.
Philadelphia, PA
Tuesday October 19, 2010
doors 9pm/comedy 10 – 11:30/ dance party 11:31 – 2am

10.15 2010

Synesthesia 2/Inciting Action Event

Here are some photos from an Inciting Action event at the SINErgy Project Space that happened on October 2nd.

Artwork for the Synesthesia 2 show will be up until November 30th. Check it out!

09.18 2010

american music in south philly tonight

The Dead Squid Party (Michael Gerkovich & Emily Schumacher’s New-Earth/Americana anti-electric doom metal band)

The Bouyant Sea (amazing)

The Know (something loud probably?)

@ The House With No Name

1605 Wharton Street

starts 9-ish

Dress like a John Waters character and get a free tramp stamp!

09.15 2010

You Are Me @ Space 1026

You Are Me performance @ Space 1026 as part of the 2010 Fringe Festival. there are 3 more performances left 9/16, 9/17, 9/18. Shows begin at 8pm and are $8. Check it out!

09.15 2010

Anni @ TrickGo

Photos from Anni’s show at TrickGo

08.09 2010

KIMYA DAWSON @ 1026 MONDAY 8/16 8:00pm

THIS MONDAY August 16th * 8:00pm* $10.00
@Space 1026: 1026 Arch St. 2nd floor

The always amazing Kimya Dawson plays folk songs that embrace nostalgia, melancholy and sincerity, as she takes on subjects of love, growing up, growing old, Matlock, and Atari 2600s. Seeing her live in such an intimate venue as 1026 is the best way to see her. K Records.

Homocentric Buddhist acousti-spiritual-folk punk from the lower east side of New York City. Legendary anti-folk performer and all around amazingness.

Music for people who unironically talk to dogs. An edible beanbag chair. A grilled corn muffin at a diner served by a hyper-active waitress who answers questions you didn’t ask, how to hold your own hand, fruits that are commonly mistaken for vegetables, children’s music for adults, ‘cuddle-core’ (unless this is a sub-culture that exists already), and a hybrid between the violent femmes and raffee, queer cupcake-loving honesty pop, an edgy guide to loving every inch of yourself, “that kid”

06.22 2010

Last Week To See Some People I Met Rolling Around On The Ground

At Space 1026 through June 26th

05.28 2010


A night of the draggiest drag comedy ever dragged at Space 1026!
Come and see girls as guys, guys as girls and ?s as ?s!

Thom Lessner
Joanna Quigley
Meg and Rob
Eric Osterman
Melissa Biddle
Crystal Kovacs
Rose Luardo
Hillary Rea
Bobby Gonzales
Body Dreamz
Andrew Jeffrey Wright and more!

Come and be witness to the worlds newest, freshest, funkay-ist drag persona’s: Gail Stedman, Rodney, Andy Kaufman, Tinky Winky, Erica Sterman, Shelvis, Buddy Dreamz and more!

Saturday May 29th
8pm – 10pm

Space 1026
1026 Arch St., 2nd fl.