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06.27 2008

In Memory of Megan Miller

We regret the loss of Megan Miller, co-owner of Amble Gallery & Books, and a great friend. She passed away on June 20th. She was 26 years old.

Among Megan’s survivors are her parents, Edmund and Sandra Miller. We wish sincere condolences to her friends and family.

From Concetta Barbera:

“Megan was loyal and driven. Although her life was short, she led a full life. When she put her mind toward something she never gave up. Her life was filled with sickness, but she never let it break her firey spirit and she valued her friends as members of her family. I loved her and cherished her as one of my greatest friends and she always will be.”

01.09 2008

Wonder Mike

12.07 2007


5 Items donated to 1026’s Annual Art Auction have been listed on EBAY for the next 3 days! check em out:

10.25 2007

Space 1026: Never Forget Doing It Yourself With Other People

From November 2nd

07.23 2007

Cities Fade In The Side-View Mirror of a Stalling Uhaul Truck

New art from Kim Beury, Phoebe Zinman, and Miriam Singer will be shown during the month of August at Topstitch Boutique – 311 Market St. 2nd Floor.The show’s opening is on Friday August 3rd from 6-10pm.

06.19 2007

Old Head Young Head

“Old Head Young Head” features work by two Philadelphia artists capturing the city’s underbelly grittiness. Greg Tobias brings a 65 year olds perspective which will be contrasted against the vision of 30 year old Dan Murphy the founder of Megawords and an original member of the Space 1026 artist collective.

for more info look at

04.05 2007


6 April – 25 May 2007


6 April 6-10pm 222gallery

222 Vine Street, Philadelphia PA 19106open mon – fri 12-5, or by appointment

Nick Paparone (formerly of Black Floor gallery) and Luren Jenison, members of the new Copy Gallery bring selected works from the once controversial, long forgotten and recently reconstituted collective – the Golden Brick to the 222gallery. The art world has seen more than its share of pranksters, acts of audacity and out-and-out hoaxes but none more fascinating than these artists. Loosely organized and fluctuating in participation between 15 and 20 Los Angeles-based artists, Golden Brick is best known for their artistic plagiarism. The mysterious group was a sudden but intense flash in the art-world pan.

As much rip-off as homage, their creations borrow the materials and language of artists both newly emerging and widely known. Many of their peers were becoming famous through their exposure in the highly charged Whitney Biennial of 1993, which served as a significant touchstone for the Golden Brick. They also refer to more established artists such as Ed Ruscha and Mike Kelley. The group was boosted into the spotlight with the self-published

03.30 2007

Virgil Marti Interview

yo. check out this interview with Virgil Marti provided by the great people at Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

Also on YouTube:
Part 1
Part 2

03.23 2007

Casino Free Philadelphia.

Casino Free Philadelphia

01.25 2007

art raffle

holler at art raffle when you get a chance.