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01.16 2007

Locally Localized Gravity

“Hello God…are you there? Its us Space 1026.”

Space 1026 is spreading our signature visual chaos within the walls of the Institute of Contemporary Art as part of Locally Localized Gravity.

Come play with us! There will be awesome art, musical events, tshirt printing events and much, much more. Come to the opening on Friday, January 19th 6-8 pm at the Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania at 118 South 36th Street, the exhibition runs January 20-March 25th, 2007.

The installation we have created is based loosely on the domain of the Ewoks, diminutive arboreal beings who share a communal space. Though they have yet to master advanced technology, they have nonetheless erected impressive villages high within the trees. Our “village” installation at the ICA, like that of the Ewoks use a combination of rope ladders to ascend, but ours are even better, because they are made entirely out of recycled shopping bags and refuse wood. Our Space 1026 team has braided over 800 feet of plastic rope and printed over 2,500 recycled cardboard shingles to create our massive tree house structure! A fantastic video kiosk tower, interactive electronics, campfire, a gigantic cardboard ziggurat, and a tree house gallery create a fantastical Utopian space for you to enjoy.

Keep checking our website calendar of events for more information about Space 1026 events during the exhibition at or visit for more information about Locally Localized Gravity.
more info here

Forage : a film by Michael Gerkovich and Aryon Hoselton

01.15 2007


there is a new community based dark room opening in philadelphia.


12.07 2006

Object Orange

A group four metro Detroit artists have secretly been painting abandoned homes bright orange to raise awareness about abandoned, and dilapidated homes in the area. They have painted more than a dozen homes, and the city has torn down at least 3. More on NPR

11.28 2006

EBAY @ Black Floor

Black Floor Gallery has asked a bunch of people to buy random things on Ebay. The results will be displayed throughout the month of December.

11.10 2006

Scott Meyers

kaleidoscott dot com

10.24 2006

Outta there…

An observation about Bobby Clarke retiring as GM of the Flyers after 20 years, and their worst start in the past 17 years.

10.24 2006

German anti-graffiti tv spot

Wooster says this ad is playing on screens in Berlin’s subways, and on TV.

10.12 2006

Benefit for VOX.

Plastic Little is doing a show for Vox Populi. You should go.

09.28 2006

Instance Of Impairment

New collaborative paintings by Steven Martin and Mark Price
Semptember 29 – October 22, 2006

***Opening Reception***
Friday, September 29th 7-9pm
In conjunction with Charge Skateboards and Apparel

Relase party for original deck design by guest artist: Mark Price

In addition to this new series of collaborative paintings which willbe showing Mark will be pulling out a stash of handprinted t-shirts,buttons, and copies of his new book: Consider Everything In BadShape to show and sell. Steve will be showcasing t-shirts anddeckdesigns from his company Charge. Come by the opening at Minnowfor discounts on all this merch!

Dj PROM KING (Print Liberation / Black Floor Gallery) willbe spinning tunes for the evening.

700 South 6th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

09.27 2006


On Friday, September 29th from 7-9:30, I am hosting the final event at 510 Bainbridge Street. The Goodbye SPECTOR party is to celebrate the gallery’s seven year history in Philadelphia and to be there with all the folks who made it happen.

What to expect:

  • SPECTOR’s Family Album – A continous slide show of artists, art, events and happenings.
  • Limited edition print by Jim Houser, the first solo artist presented at SPECTOR’s 1999 launch. Jim created the screenprint Helping Hand to commemorate the closing. ( Edition of 100, $35 each!)
  • 7:30 – 8:30, Book signing by Adam Wallacavage, the second solo artist presented by SPECTOR in 1999. The first Philadedlphia signing for Adam’s new book, Monster Size Monsters (Gingko Press, 2006) which includes many photographs from his exhibit at SPECTOR. ($39.95)
  • Music by Mr.10 Fingers, SPECTOR artist Ben Woodward, who also deejayed at the gallery’s first opening reception.

What you can do:

  • Be there
  • Bring a bottle (it’s your turn to bring the wine)
  • Send me any jpgs you have for the slide show before September 25th.

What happens after the gallery closes:

  • I will be working freelance as SPECTOR Projects. In addition to email announcements and/or snail mail announcements info will be available at on the news page.
  • If you are looking for an artists work, you can still contact me. If I am no longer working with that artist I can help you find them.

Where you can find me:

  • All of my contact info (below) is the same except my mailing address which after October 1st is:
    P.O. Box 63544
    Philadelphia, PA 19147
  • My websites will disappear for a short time around October 1st while I relocate,’s October story will post late.

Thanks for everything and hope to see you,
-Shelley Spector

Good luck Shelly.