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04.13 2006

world’s strongest glue

oh word?

04.06 2006

Thom Lessener @ Garden Fresh – Chicago

GARDENfresh is pleased to present the work of Philadelphia based artist, Thom Lessner in his first solo exhibition in Chicago. Many artists are influenced by the music and pop culture around them, but few take it to the degree that Lessner does. Lessner

03.31 2006


A new exhibition of collaborative artwork by Paul Coors, Jamie Dillon and Nick Paparone opening at 222 Gallery

April 7-May 22, 2006

Opening reception: April 7th, 6-9 pm

Themescapes presents a series of artifacts set within a full gallery installation where the spaces of common domestic environments become the backdrop for moments of reflection, stimulation and motivation. A multitude of various media, styles and ideas objectively found within this singular exhibition echo the density of human experience and certain cultural dilemmas. Thus many objects within Themescapes have been editioned to consciously make them more attainable for the average person and allow a simple functional place in any home. Objects like wallpaper, curtains, rugs and vases, reinvented as art objects, transform household standards to encourage daily re-evaluation.

222 Vine Street Philadelphia PA Gallery hours : Mon-Fri 10-5 or by appointment

03.31 2006

La Boca Del Lobo

A collaborative exhibition by -Swoon, Alison Corrie, Solovei

Some say art is sacred. not all art, but ours. It has been sought after by generations of scholars and the simple-minded alike. Everyone searches for thegolden key to unlock its vast vaults; staining the world with wit and beauty. The gods are waiting for someone to discover it and now there is a chance, a very accessible chance to enter this desirable realm of the unknown, this seductive and torturous void and get a peek of salivation. Perhaps you might get distracted along the way….

Opening Reception Friday, April 7, 2006 to Friday, April 28th.

Black Floor Gallery

03.24 2006


video / multimedia / art dude is now up on the internet

03.23 2006


the germans are high tech

03.13 2006

Brooklyn Art Collective

Brookyn Art Collective is at North 8th Between Havermeyer & Roebling in Williamsburg.

featured artists:

  • Ian McGillivray
  • Tyler Wriston
  • Mischa Tyutyunik
  • Sam Wohl
  • Jon Bocksel
  • Gray Edgerton
  • Ed Bopp
  • Nolan Conway
  • Matt Brenan
  • Tim Fiore

03.11 2006

Graffiti Analysis

kinda old, but still awesome. check it out. thanks mark

03.06 2006

Traffic Skateboards

Check out the trailer that was just posted on the Traffic Skateboards site. SICK!

02.22 2006

From Ben

Sweatheart listening party @ 700 culb thur. feb. 23 10pm totlay free with performances by Plastic Little, Mr. 10 fingers, and secert guests. totlaly free and fun time for all

if i were in philly, i’d go.