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08.09 2017

Destroy Content Desert – Long Live Content Desert

Content Desert is a post-internet object, a journey through graphic refuse amassed and extruded over several stylized chapters. The 450-plus pages of Content Desert anachronously proceed from it’s obnoxious tag line of “1,000,0000 years of broken graphics… load more, know less”.
Pre-order Content Desert ☻☻☻ Pre-order Content Desert ☻☻☻ Pre-order Content Desert
Pre-order Content Desert ☻☻☻ Pre-order Content Desert ☻☻☻ Pre-order Content Desert

Pre-order Content Desert ☻☻☻ Pre-order Content Desert ☻☻☻ Pre-order Content Desert

07.11 2010

Count Back From Nothing @ David B Smith

AJ Fosik & Bill McRight
Count Back From Nothing
July 16- August 14
Opening Reception Friday
July 16 from 7-10 pm
David B. Smith Gallery
1543 A Wazee Street
Denver, Colorado 80202
303.893. 4234

02.16 2010



06.10 2009

Fuck Cancer Drawing Jam!

Justin Van Hoy is a true fighter. He has fought and beat cancer for the second and final time. Now he needs a little help from his friends. Please join us at Space 1026 for the Fuck Cancer Drawing Jam! We will be passing the hat and sending all the money raised his way as well as drawings. We got the paper and beers, bring your favorite drawing tools and money! Help us celebrate Justin

05.31 2009

Sketchy Stash

AHN|VHS is pleased to present an exhibition of sketch books by Bill McRight.

Primarily a printmaker working in linoleum block and silkscreen, McRight’s work is known for its extreme intricacy and for his bold, often absurd figures. These sketchbooks are McRight’s place for character and concept development, as well as impulsive composition. The figures in his books are drawn and redrawn with altered and increasingly exaggerated gestures and features, interspersed with pages of striking painterly abstraction and bursts of free associative text or overheard phrases. There seems to be a narrative at work, although the books leave no conclusion but to continue to another page. It is rare that McRight takes a figure directly from one of these books for use in a print; these forms are composed on impulse and are made to retain that immediacy. This looseness and experimentation with material and gesture is a surprising contrast to McRight’s rigid sculpting of forms in his prints and lino cuts in particular.

This is the first exhibition of the artist’s books since his 2005 MFA thesis exhibition at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.

AHN|VHS will produce a limited edition reproduction of one of these sketch books concurrent with the exhibition.

Bill McRight is a printmaker working primarily in silkscreen and linoleum or wood block. In 2005 he received an MFA from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. His prints have been published by Cannonball Press. He lives in Philadelphia and is a current member of Space 1026.

AHN|VHS Gallery
319 A N. 11th Street 4th Floor
Philadelphia, PA
Friday, June 5, 2009
7:00pm – 11:00pm

03.10 2009

Chris Johanson at Davidson College

Brad Thomas runs the Van Every/ Smith galleries down there at Davidson College in North Carolina… This time around he has brought Chris Johanson to Davidson and they are having an opening this Thursday, March 12 at 7pm. One part of this show that sounds extra-special is a collaboration between Chris and members of the Art Works 945 program at Urban Ministries in Charlotte.

Also coming up in that neck of the woods, on Sunday, the 15th AJW, Sweatheart, Narwhals of Sound, Coma League and Radio Taiwan are playing at the Saturday Skateboards warehouse… and it’s only $5.

So if you are South of the Mason Dixon line. Go to Davidson and Charlotte this weekend… and If you are in Philly and plan on going, hook me up with a ride!