08.23 2022

Intro to DIY Sound Workshop

This 1.5 hour course with Kevin Keenan will cover the basics and necessities for setup and operation of PA systems for small to medium size events and performances.  The workshop will focus specifically on entry level equipment for beginners and those who are looking to improve the sound of their DIY shows.  Topics will include: Mixer and speaker placement, microphone selection/EQ, gain staging, and electronic music connections.  Attendees will have the opportunity to have hands-on, practical experience using the topics covered in the workshop.

*registration is full*

06.29 2022

Synapsis Universum

Solo exhibition with work on view by Reuben Francois

Opening Friday, August 5th, 2022
844 North Broad Street Philadelphia PA

Reuben Francois is a painter, interested in the way art can be used as a tool for expressing esoteric ideas of life. Currently, he is completing a series of works named “Diagrams”. The series centers on the concept of syncretism; the idea that many religions and cultures have similar stories and archetypes. Symbolism, in the Carl Jung school of thought, is a major part in Reuben’s creative and theoretical decision making. For Reuben, symbols serve as a way to express the inexpressible. By collecting symbols in a picture plane, painting brushes the shoulders of metaphysics.

His work is both a declaration of his personal philosophy as well as an emanation of his own spiritual journey;  a time capsule to his 23 years experienced on Spaceship Earth.

06.27 2022

Em n’ Thom Vinyl Dance Party

Friday, July 1st from 8pm-12am in the backyard
844 North Broad Street, entrance on Carlisle Street

06.20 2022

Animation Brüt

Wednesday, June 22nd at 8:30pm in the backyard. 844 North Broad Street Philadelphia

Animation Brüt is a rejection of conventional storytelling and image making. It embraces the gestural, the fervent, and the fevered dreamers of sequential imagery. Animation has limits, Animation Brüt embraces them and licks the wrapping for more flavour. Featuring CGI lacerations, hammered steel stop motion, and queer yearnings fuzzed out on magnetic tape. Curated by Sam GurryAnimation Brüt is a night of experimental animation, presenting 12 films by creators outside its traditional paradigm who seek to break down its boundaries.  

Lizard LadderTed Wiggin, 2020, 5’30 min
windows_h264_01Ingo Raschka, 2017, 1’30 min
Lessons in Baby Dyke Theory, TJ, 1995, 3 min
aziz-e-manAnnapurna Kumar, 2021, 3’15 min
SquishTulapop Saenjaroen, 2021, 18 min
Up CloseSam Gurry, 2021, 3’30 min
JuliaJulian Gallese, 2018, 2’30 min
Ruisdael CloudsJames Thatcher, 2020, 1 min
a flor singelaGabriel Pesso, 2021, 2’30 min
R1CT, Natalie Baber, 2022, 4’30 min
Stilton’s in ChargeJonni Phillips & Victoria Vincent, 2016, 4’30 min
Candy KissesAllyson Mitchell, 1999, 3 min
Heavy Metal Teddy BearNanny Lynn, 1994, 7’30 min

06.03 2022


Teen artist activist collective Creative Resilient Youth (CRY) will host a takeover of Space 1026 gallery in Philadelphia from June 3 to 5, shedding light on youth experiences of mental health and strategies to respond to injustices in care.

CRY is an intergenerational collective promoting equitable mental health care for young people in Philadelphia. CRY’s teen artists engage in a two-year program of co-learning, socially-engaged art making, and leadership training. The TAKEOVER event series is the culmination of a new cohort of young artists’ first year in CRY.

Events during the TAKEOVER exhibition include an opening celebration on Friday, June 3 from 6:00-9:00PM and a panel discussion on Sunday, June 5 bringing the current cohort of CRY teen artists in conversation with representatives from previous generations of the program, which was initiated by the Creative Resilience Collective in 2018.

CRY TAKEOVER 2022 exhibits artwork created by 11 emerging Philadelphia-area artists. After six months of exploring self-care, artmaking, and social critique in CRY, these teens highlight important opportunities for intergenerational community dialogue about mental health care and chances for collaborative action to improve outcomes for them and their peers.

05.30 2022

Music in the Gallery June 1st: Michael Masaru Flora and Rawl

Michael will perform his new stochastic synthesis system based on the work of Iannis Xenakis.


Rawl is Jack Wright, Ben Bennet, and Evan Lipson

With local support from Apologist and William Fields!



05.16 2022


Work on view by Justine Kelley, Angela Rio, Eve Hoyt, Victoria Hutto and Len Davidson of the Neon Sign Museum

Opening Reception
June 10th, 2022 6-9pm
844 North Broad Street Philadelphia PA 19130

04.27 2022

Fair Weather Freeway

New works by Keith Warren Greiman and Nick Apice

Opening Friday May 6, 6-9pm

04.22 2022

Backyard Drawing Sessions

Monthly sessions in the backyard of Space 1026 from 6pm to 8pm hosted by Jackie Small

Flowers and potted plants as drawing specimens
Paper, pencils, erasers, water jars provided / BYO painting supplies

844 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, entrance is on Carlisle Street

04.07 2022

April Events at Space 1026

Friday, April 8th
Meet the Artists

Cocktails & Snacks in the gallery. BYO Favorite Beverage. (Dancing and laughing optional.)

Tuesday, April 12th & Wednesday, April 13th
Ukrainian Egg Dying Workshop

Learn the history and basic techniques of creating traditional Ukrainian easter eggs “Pysanky” using the wax-resist method with Space member Roman and his sister Sofeeka. All materials will be provided. Ages 12+.

Thursday, April 14th
Jodi Rice Body Art/Moving Meditation Performance
and Artist Talk

Much like her art, love and light spill in and out of Jodi. Unique in nature and spirit, Jodi’s magnetism is present in her output.  A Sherpa of play, she is not limited in material and finds a medium in the familiar and ordinary. Uplifting on approach, it forces the mind to slow down and acknowledge the soul, reclaiming and restoring the structures inherent to our humanity. -Leslye Rowland

Saturday, April 16th
The Heads Are All Talking Workshop with Vicky

Come to Space 1026, and play with a ball of clay, add a nose, 2 eyes, 2 ears, a mouth, lots of(or no) hair, some clothes, and tada, it’s a head!! I know it will be really fun, and if you like what you’ve made, I will fire it for you.

Wednesday, April 20th
Yoga in the Gallery with Jodi

Bring your own mat and arrive 10 minutes before the start of class.
Donation based class and limited to 10 people so please sign up to reserve your spot!

Thursday, April 21st
Intro to Embroidery & Gallery Talk

Norma Gottlieb self-taught embroiderer will share the tips learned through trial and error on her embroidery journey.