10.04 2016


October 7th – October 28th

Opening Reception Friday October 7th 6-10 p.m.
Closing Reception Friday October 28th 7-11 p.m.

Kerry Kenney
Rodger Binyone

Jesse Van Anglen / Brett Acker / Josh Mills / Kate Blofson / Pete Whitney / Nate Gavin
Soundscapes: Shape Denter/ Mer’In Swann/ Wylde Pyle/ Aura Tiff/ Pancake Accelerator/ The Dirners

Space 1026 is excited to present Ultra-Bluster, a group show featuring new work by Philadelphia artists Kerry Kenney and Rodger Binyone. Ultra-Bluster is a collectively conceived universe of visual art, music and table game systems exploring the motifs and concepts of mythology, cosmology, geometry and science fiction. Kenney uses the airbrush to blend the imaginary and the hyper real, weaving futuristic loose soccer themes into multi-player, mini sport arena, gaming systems. Binyone and Kenney expound upon a visual vocabulary rooted in their music experimentations with co-collaborator Jesse Van Anglen, to release a screen printed 3-D elemental, UV light reactive, & partially phosphorescent book/zine. As music is intrinsic to ceremony, tournament anthems in the guise of an Ultra-Bluster soundtrack will play throughout. More friends rally in team formation to initiate the plane for this interactive playing field. Space 1026 gallery is now a synergy of gaming stations, prints, and audio enhancements exploring the societal paradigm of the ritual and the sacred within the social narrative of sports, all made possible by you the guest player, please come join us and play!

10.01 2016

2 Days Left To See – ANDREW JEFFREY WRIGHT: VIDEOS & SCREEN PRINTS – At Practice Gallery



OCT. 1ST & 2ND, 2PM-6PM


319 North 11th Street, 2nd Floor, unit 2G
Philadelphia, PA 19107

More Info HERE!

Aaron Nevins says – “This is a really cool thing.”

09.22 2016

A Fringe Festival Show Called INCREDIBLE DREAMZ At Space 1026

Incredible Dreamz is a comedy collective featuring The Incredible Shrinking Matt & Jacquie (Matthew Schmid and Jacquie Baker) and The New Dreamz (Andrew Jeffrey Wright and Rose Luardo). Absurd art-house comedy that’s equal parts personal and experimental. Waiting for Godot meets GG Allin. Pina Bausch meets The Care Bears.


9/21 Wed – Doors 7:30 / Show 8pm

9/22 Thurs – Doors 7:30 / Show 8pm

9/23 Fri – (Show 1) Doors 6:30 / Show 7pm —- (Show 2) Doors 9:30 / Show 10pm —- (Show 3) Doors 11:30 / Midnight

9/24 Sat – (Show 1) Doors 1:30 / Show 2pm —- (Show 2) Doors 7:30 / Show 8pm

SPACE 1026, 1026 Arch St., 2nd fl., Philadelphia

More Info–>  HERE!


09.20 2016

*Skate Park(ing) Day 2016

Park(ing) Day 2016 Space 1026

This past Friday the 16th we had the pleasure of participating in Philadelphia’s 8th annual Park(ing) Day, presented by The Center for Architecture. The concept of the citywide event is to turn inactive vehicle parking into vibrant street-side park space, if only for a day.

We figured what better way to do so than to build the world’s smallest skate park. James Bonney and Kees Holterman designed and built the installation at break neck intensity over the course of two weeks. Many friends also lent a hand with painting and moving the dang ramps from the studio to the street. Thanks pals!

Also, a BIG thanks to Franklin’s Paine Skatepark Fund and Spectrum Skateboard Co. for extra support!

(Don’t be shy. Click through that slideshow.)

08.30 2016


Opening September 2, 2016
1026 Arch Street 2nd Floor

A collection of drawings, prints, and paintings by New Orleans based artist Max Seckel. Works explore themes of repetition and observation,  creating visual puzzles in a variety of media. Inspired by thunderstorms, bouncy balls, the night sky, bicycles, cold beer, sidewalks, long days, shiny objects, wet grass, bright colors, and strong wind.

Seckel is a graduate from the University of Delaware, an early FOB holder at Second State Press, and was a Space 1026 member from 2010-2013. He currently lives and works in New Orleans, Louisiana where he is a regular volunteer at the New Orleans Community Printshop and Darkroom.

08.03 2016

Andrew Jeffrey Wright Solo Exhibition


Andrew Jeffrey Wright‘s Money
a solo exhibition presented by The Hole
August 4 – September 4, 2016

OPENING: Thursday, August 4 from 6-8pm

The Hole
312 Bowery
NY, NY 10012



08.02 2016

OMNIGALACTICA – Opening August 5th, 7-10pm

Lets open our minds to the ultimate energy of the Galaxies.
We must come together as a human race before we can
explore the Cosmos. Positive Energy to the Universe.


Tyler Wolf graduated from East Carolina University in 2001 with a BFA in painting and is a former Team Lump member of Lump Gallery in Raleigh, NC. While in school, he co-founded the band Valient Thorr. In a decade and a half, and over 1300 shows from NC to Lisbon, Portugal, Budapest, London, and from California to NYC he stayed busy helping to spread a message of cosmic positivity through rock and roll. In downtime, he painted and had small shows that accompanied the tour, and it was painting that ultimately called him home in 2014.

In his recent work, he deals with the exploration of the modern world by examining the myths and legends of ancient cultures. In an age of technological advancement, are we losing what it means to be human? Is technology controlling us? Or are these advancements improving the human race.

His work has been featured on albums and t-shirts for High on Fire, Future Islands, Red Fang, Valient Thorr and several Volcom releases.

07.19 2016

Digital Pool ♫ mix ♫


Featuring: 2 Chainz, Vatican Shadow, Meek Mill, James Ferraro, Container, Profligate, JoshHey, Prefix Moniker, Pusha T, DJ Rashad, and more…

Digital Pool ♫ mix ♫

06.27 2016

bruja! BRUJA – Friday July 1st

Al San Valentin is honored to have new work created and displayed at Space 1026. bruja! BRUJA. examines the dualistic nature of opposites. Influenced on personal and artistic levels by the writings of Pema Chödron and Alan Watts, they became interested in the concept of opposites as balanced equals. The result is a collection of work that applies this concept to personal history as it defines one’s identity, San Valentin started from their own racial and gender identities yet constructed work that should not be read as autobiographical. Rather, the images can be applied to others’ personal lives as well as our collective experience in this existence.

The works themselves experienced duality in the creation process. The structured nature of screen printed pattern is broken down by a call-and-response kind of mark-making as opposed to calculated moves. Blocks of flat color meld and contrast with defined line drawings. Mass is given to small images through repetition. These screen printed fabric pieces co-exist with black ink illustrations on white paper.

San Valentin sees these works as the beginning, just barely reconciling the systems in our lives that contain two opposite yet equal parts. To recognize the opposites in oneself and accept the need for both parts in order for either to exist. To summon the ghosts of one’s past- the faults and successes, the joys and sorrows- and work with them, allowing oneself to be softened by the ache of their presence.

Al San Valentin lives and works in Philadelphia. They work at a local arts-based preschool, where the uninhibited matter in which children create art is a major influence on their work. San Valentin constantly seeks to return to that moment in life where the path between the image in the mind and the pencil in the hand is gloriously unbroken.

06.16 2016

Yard Sale
















Yard Sale Saturday June 18th

Stop by between 12pm and 5pm
Members will be selling art, supplies, clothes, furniture, junk, and who knows!

The current exhibition Philadelphia 2076 will be on view in the gallery until June 25th. Works are available for sale online here.

1026 Arch Street 2nd Floor
Philadelphia PA 19107