07.27 2005

State Press – Skate or Die

Opening July 30th @ New Image Art – Santa Monica CA. skull themed skateboard decks. can’t front on skull themed skateboards.

07.26 2005

Elemental cat

If Liz were an anime character::Ok you are a romantic anime girl and you love and care for a lot of people.There is no evil in you soul or your heart.Though sometimes people don’t feel the same way as you do you keep on trying to change their mind.You love to help people out and you are always happy.Keep on trying to make the whole world smile because you know smiles are contagious ^_^.Oh and if it seems like there is nobody who could love you as much as you could love them it doesn’t matter the thing is that the only thing that matters is that he cares and loves you and it doesn’t matter how much well maybe it does but don’t set you standards to high cuz then you’ll find nobodyif Jenna D’Angelo were an anime character::depressed girl
You are the depressed/dreamer anime girl.You either
lost somebody you love or somebody broke you
heart so bad that you can’t pick up the
shattered pieces without hurting yourself.You
think nobody can heal your wounds but don’t
stop looking because you never know who loves
you enough to try hell the one special guy
could be right infront of your eyes and you
don’t even know it.You also love to day dream
because it seems like the only place that makes
you happy.But little do you know that people
all around you are trying to make you happy and
you won’t let them in fearing you’ll get
another heartbreak or get hurt worse.But just
try and if things go wrong just brush it off
and try again.It never hurts to try.One more
thing never let that lost love one leave you
heart keep them in forever and keep their
memory alive.

If You Were An Anime Character What Would You Look Like?(Girls Only)
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07.24 2005

test test test

Gonzo this is Schwartz. Schwartz to Gonzo. Schwartz to Gonzo. I am ready to blog. My blogging will begin … NOW.

07.15 2005

More Swoon

What if the city was something you could remake every day, restoring bits you feared were lost?
Morning News Article

07.11 2005

are you

a victim?

07.11 2005


07.11 2005

danny way is…


07.08 2005


//////Friday July 8, 2005/// / ///////at the// /// /// / / / / / // //South Philadelphia Athen

07.06 2005


SMALL CHANGE FILM is having a special screening for the Jamaican Jerk Hut! This is notan official Small Change screening but will be the Philly premiere of anew feature-length documentary by Pedro Carvajal about artist RonEnglish, who repaints corporate billboards and turns advertising intodialoging. They

07.06 2005

Devil Thom

warning: when Thom goes bad, his tongue goes flourescent. Whatever you do, DONT MENTION SAMMY HAGAR.