04.30 2015

14 Questions for Clint Woodside

2.  What were your first connections to Space 1026?  How did you decide to join the space and become a member?


What’s crazy is… the first time I was ever at Space 1026 was while I was on tour… a band I was with was playing across the street, at the Troc. It was a hardcore band, and a bunch of people kept talking about how Ian MacKaye was over at this art gallery across the street… I was living in NYC at the time and heard rumblings about this gallery in philly that does a lot of shows like Alleged Gallery (that I was going to a bunch, and always had fun…) I put 2 and 2 together and figured out is was ACTUALLY Cynthia Connolly’s show over there, and I knew Cynthia from sending Dischord Records photos for the website they were building in the late 90’s… so I wanted to go over and say hi… and that was the first time I was ever in Space 1026… I still have the poster on my wall from that night… March 3rd, 2000.


I didn’t move to philly till late 2002… and even then it took a year or 2 before I knew anyone involved in Space 1026… I was actually hired by a design firm called Abacus run by Jeff Weisner (a former member of 1026, I think a founding member?). I freelanced for them for a while, and when that studio moved out of Space 1026, I decided to stay put, and freelance for a bunch of different things and work on my own stuff.

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04.25 2015


THIS Sunday!! April 26th
@Space 1026
1026 Arch Street 2nd floor

04.19 2015



Lucas Leyden (Little Berlin) and Lauren Karstens (FDV Collective) invite you to participate in the inaugural Art Convention 2015 held at Little Berlin (2340 E Coral St. Philadelphia, PA 19125) The day of the convention will be filled with performance, visual art, lectures, vendors and much more. Participating collectives will be assigned shared spaces in the gallery and courtyards.

04.17 2015

Maze Generation: New Work by Ryan Beck

We are having official gallery hours Today, Sunday, Saturday, and Monday from 12-4. Stop by and see Maze Generation by Ryan Beck. If those times don’t work for you, ring our bell or email gallery@space1026.com. The show runs until next Saturday, April 25th. #mazegeneration

Maze Generation, Ryan Beck

Maze Generation, Ryan Beck

04.16 2015

BUILD US A PATH new work by Clint Woodside




04.16 2015

Coming up May 1st!!! Clint Woodside – “Build Us A Path”



Clint Woodside “Build Us A Path”
Exhibition Dates: May 1st – 29th
Opening Reception: May 1st 2015 7-10pm


03.31 2015


Watch Andrew Jeffrey Wright’s new video HERE!ARLOcolors-1800p


03.23 2015

Maze Generation: New Works by Ryan Beck at Space 1026

April 3rd -25th


Ryan Beck, Maze Generation

Exhibition Dates: April 3rd – April 25th

Space 1026 is pleased to present Maze Generation, a solo exhibition of new work by Ryan Beck. Maze Generation is a body of work which represents several months of exploration into the term “maze generation” and ways that it could be applied to Beck’s process. The term first came into his view after seeing a documentary about Stanley Kubrick’s “The  Shining”. He was intrigued by the descriptions of maze patterns in the film and shortly after, the surrounding concepts and theories of maze generation began relating to the way he approached his work. The paintings in Maze Generation are the result of allowing those theories and various interpretations of the term to lead him through a re-evaluation of his process, application and approach to color. His work frequently pairs muted and watery tones with defined marks and vibrant colors-pairing quiet, ephemeral moments with frenetic activity. Ryan Beck is a Philadelphia based artist who has shown in Philadelphia, New York, Miami, and Los Angeles.



03.23 2015

Cars Will Burn – Not A Dentist ((( ♫ Mix ♫ )))


New mix featuring…

HoodBoi, Container, Drake, Gobby, LeadPipe, Charles Cohen, Material Image, DJ Rashad, Unguent, Mr. Mitch, Form A Log and more!

Cars Will Burn – Not A Dentist ((( ♫ Mix ♫ )))

03.23 2015


Swish! Splat! Splorsh! Action Art! Enjoy an evening with Action Painter Arlo Gargano as he goes beyond the canvas! Music, art and dance collide right before your eyes! And maybe right on your eyes!

The Plays & Players Theater
1714 Delancey St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Monday, March 23rd

Doors 6:30pm / Action 7pm