08.15 2013


It is no secret that SWEATHEART is a great power pop/community college rock band, and now it is even less of a secret! SWEATHEART has a new record SITTIN PRETTY and you can listen to it and buy it HERE! Do your life a favor and do it now!

08swwh1000pEverything happens for a reason sometimes!

When I say SWEAT you say HEART!



08.09 2013


For the first time in internet history THE NUMBERS comic has been interneterly published. The Numbers comic has been described by some as “the best comic in the world.” If nothing else, it is at it’s very least, incredibly educational. The Numbers first appeared in Adam Wallacavage‘s 1991 zine Wonder Rolling News. See it HERE! Learn it, know it, live it.

08.01 2013



Space 1026 is pleased to announce the first ever solo exhibition by artist, Tyler Held! OPENING HERE THIS FRIDAY!

About the Show:

These gestures reveal the obscured residue of our physical existence. The unconscious staining of objects we interact with becomes captious and evident of interaction.

The cast carbon fiber and epoxy resin objects display a toxic recipe that becomes overlooked as an attractive facade. While the human discoloring through touch is visually denied. The highly visual contrast suggests a duality, yet what remains is an uncanny reflection of the self.

Opening Reception:

Friday, August 2nd from 7-10 PM

07.27 2013

Art Jokes Brooklyn

Soloway is pleased to invite you to Artificial Tears, An Evening of Comedic Performance

Sunday July 28th beginning at 6 p.m.  

Hosted by Aki “Vicious” Sasamoto


Raphael Amadeus Frankenstein (RAF)

Andrew Jeffrey Wright  

Erin Dunn

Robert Rhee

Rachel Higgins and Charlie the dog  

An open mic will follow the scheduled acts. Bring your routine.


348 South 4th Street

Brooklyn, NY 11211

soloway.infoScreen shot 2013-07-27 at 6.08.49 PM

07.26 2013

CarsWillBurn /// GoDown /// NumbersDontLie


Cars Will BurnGo Down

Cars Will BurnNumbers Don’t Lie

“… they both suck like they came to lose”
“… check the score board

07.19 2013

Restock Of D.F.Double.Universe. The Zine!


Get the zine that has Barry McGee, Dan Murphy, Isaac Lin, Rose Luardo, Ken Kagami, Andrew Jeffrey Wright and more!

Get it here———-> HERE!


07.18 2013


In 1999 the comic Europe = Sex was published. Unless you saw the zine So Sophisticated, or a few years later the book OUTERSPACE HILLBILLY, you never saw the comic. NOW YOU CAN SEE IT HERE —————> andrewjeffreywright.tumblr.com <——————- CLICK IT! Thanks for reading!


07.17 2013

Leslie Friedman – Tastier

7.5.13 – 7.26.13

07.17 2013

Leslie Friedman’s ‘Tastier’ Exhibition up until July 26th!


07.01 2013

Andrew Liang – Double Barrel

June 7th – 28th, 2013

Space 1026 is pleased to present Double Barrel by Andrew Liang.

“There are two nostrils on mostly every human being’s face.  Under normal circumstances, both nostrils in-take and out-put air.  These works are my most recent endeavor to celebrate my ability and opportunity to utilize my nostrils.  If one of them has itched, both have been picked. Double Barrel!”

Andrew Liang was born in Taichung, Taiwan and moved with his family to Dallas, Texas at age 13. Andrew moved to Baltimore, Maryland to attend the Maryland Institute College of Art where he currently works as an Exhibitions Preparator and continues his studio practice during moonlight hours. The writings and drawings of Kazuo Umezu, Junji Ito, Haruki Murakami, and Akira Toriyama have influenced him a great deal. Aside from studio pursuits, Andrew co-directs an artist run art space, the Current Gallery, with his dear friends Monique Crabb and Michael Benevento. These collective projects, as well as traveling and listening to music with his friends is the core inspiration of his art.