11.03 2005


Parked outside of 1026 on November’s first friday (11/4/05) from 7-11pm.

5th Anniversary VACATION party on Saturday, November 5th! 9pm at 4634 Hazel Avenue.

Mini-interview alongside a writeup about Ben’s Spector show in this week’s Philly Weekly.

10.27 2005

Michael Hall and the Ospreys in NYC, philly represent

Thursday night, 9pm – 2am, downstairs at Niagra (7th St. and Ave. A) a group show of paintings by Michael W. Hall, Johnny McNabb, Christine Koski, Mark Sunshine. One Night only!And Also: Thursday night, 9:30pm sharp, downstairs at Niagra, OSPREYS, my doomy bass-hurling psych noise band will be playing 30 minutes of cataclysmic tooth-rattling melody.Friday night, we lost our show. So if anyone can help us out with one in the NY area last minute, please get in touch asap! cleanmike@gmail.comSaturday night, sometime in the night, in Poughkeepsie, Ospreys will be crippling Vassar students with an hour of super-technical throbbing that will leave even the best swimmers drowning in low frequency nausea.

10.25 2005

Adam Wallacavage’s friends band…

…is playing at the RUBA club this sunday October 30th. You should go because Adam is going and he asked everyone to ask me to ask you to go.

10.24 2005

Roman has the worst ideas.

From the bottomest pit to the top of Everest.
[rollover for the exciting conclusion]

10.22 2005

Record Swap today!

Buy & sell records at this local swap , organized by Ben Harris and his crew upstairs at the Ukie club. Saturday October 22nd, at the U.A.C.A. 847 N Franklin St. (bet 7th and 8th @ Poplar St.)

10.22 2005


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^BEIGE “320 x 200: DA SHOW”work by c. ArcAngEl , j. bEuckmAn , p. dAviS *************SPACE 1026 Opens Friday November 4, 20057-11 PM*************1026 Arch Street Philadelphia PA 19107215.574.7630

10.21 2005

i seriously dont know what i am doing

this is the end result of my installation in DUMBO. little did i know that the only reason it didnt catch the place on fire was because i had sprayed great stuff ontop of it and its flame retardent. truly great stuff.

10.21 2005

Ben Woodward

LMNOP opens tonight at Spector Gallery

10.19 2005

Le Republic est Mort

If anyone would like to help me wheat paste, We could make a pin-drop of differance- Or possibly elicit the phrase; ” yo…that shit ain’t right y’all”

10.17 2005

Opening in November @ BLACK FLOOR GALLERY

Shepard Fairey at Black Floor Gallery next month

The term