10.17 2005

Dumbo part 2

gonna work with gonzo on making a sep page for the photos.all i got to say is that it took 5 days to install and was only up for 2 & 1/2. . . .just because we love doing this…dun.

10.17 2005

DUMBO part 1

size ref

10.14 2005


from max:
hey yall, things are moving along up here. it looks rad so far. if anyonehas any emails of people in nyc who would be interested in seeing thisplease let them know the deal. also, gonzo, can you send a mass email outabout the show up here? i guess put a link to the url at the dumbo arts center if they want more info.
we are located at the corner of main andwater street.



10.12 2005

Miss you kiss you beautiful girl.

10.11 2005

Halloween @ FDR Skatepark

Hi Everyone,
Franklin’s Paine and The Friends of FDR are planning a clean up on Sunday the 29th. Prior to this we would all enjoy having a huge Halloween session on Saturday, w/ costumes and all.Ideally we would like to begin around 11:00pm on Sunday. Fairmount Park will be providing some materials (Gloves, Bags, and notifying the appropriate waste management peoples). Any shovels or brooms you may be able to provide/bring always helps!

Please forward this, or post anywhere and everywhere!


10.10 2005

Black Label Bike Club

bike kill t.y.l.u.

10.06 2005


I had a dream I met you in soho–in the middle of the street-prince and soho–you met me and were wearing this white weird white thing( look at the drawing….it had written on it:Rochester, NYC-1986

10.06 2005

<<< stop by PLAY >>>


A Photographic ExplorationCurated by Alicia McDole and Yasha WallinPresented by Jen Bekman Gallery

Opening: Saturday, October 15th, 2005 7:00

10.05 2005

Mike Flemming


10.02 2005


Our next opening is on FRIDAY. More info is available here