04.09 2012

Music of Mounds and Buck Gooter Tuesday April 10

come by the gallery tomorrow night at 8 for the music of












MOUNDS::: new two piece band from Tom Hohmann of USAISAMONSTER fame. drums and keys telling stories

BUCK GOOTER::: two freaks from Virginia playing their music. “industrial”? “rock”? “noise”? Henry Rollins loves it.

ERODE AND DISAPPER::: local rock weirdos. two thirds of Northern Liberties

HEAVY MEDICAL:::local duo cum trio. two drummers, one bassists, large volume.

bring five dollars to donate.

dj psychic franklin filling in the gapssssssss…

03.25 2012


A “super rare” screen print is a one of a kind print created through a layering process that sometimes takes years to create. 5 newly available super rares are for sale at STORE1026.COM only. Check them all all the way out HERE!


03.20 2012

The New Dreamz New Joke Club at Space 1026 February 12, 2012

See the photos HERE!

03.16 2012

Coming up in April


Phoning It In: Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Artwork by young contemporary Javanese artists phoned in direct via
the Internet, presented at Space 1026.

Wedhar Riyadi
Uji Hahan
Rudy Aceh
Ahmad Oka
Diki “Leos” Firmansah
Hendra “HeHe” Harsono
Indun Bonzo
Iyok Prayogo
Janu Satmoko
Riono Tanggul
Taringpadi Collective
Indo Streetwear Photography by Brent Luvaas/Drexel University

Opening Friday, April 6th, 7 – 10p
Runs from April 6th – 27th, 2012

03.15 2012

03.13 2012

Night Trash!

See the horror of the night, the trash of after twilight! Feast your eyes HERE!

03.12 2012

03.10 2012

Bill McRight at Guerrero Gallery

Opening Tonight, March 10th, in San Francisco.

03.09 2012

TONIGHT in South Phila

Tonight (Friday March 9th), at Cha Cha Razzi (1918 S. Bancroft, South Philly), 8pm SHARP!
Powerpoint and video antics featuring Michael Gerkovich, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Rose Luardo, Noface performance group, Jason Hsu, Scott Gelber, Billy Fatzinger Jr., Abbey Lee Sarver, Katrina Ohstrom, Charmaine, Malwina Andruczyk, Will Dean, Tom Cory, and Max Seckel
Donation$ because everyone is poor.

03.06 2012

The Lipstick Of All Our Dreams!

Check out Space 1026er Emilia Brintnall! She looks gooooooooood! Now go check out more Lipstick Of Your Dreams here!