08.05 2011

also, books – Aidan Koch

We first saw Aidan’s comic work all the way back in 2009 on our trip to the Pacific NW.  It was so fun to hang her installation and see her drawing style translated into physical objects like the flag above and the hand below.  We are sad that Portland is all the way over there and Philadelphia is all the way over here… hopefully we can video chat sometime!

Aidan Koch is a comic artist and illustrator from the Pacific NW. Her first graphic novella, ‘The Whale’ came out in late 2010 published by Gaze Books. Apart from a variety of small projects and playing in a rock and roll band, she is in the midst of an ongoing correspondence project with Finnish artist Jaakko Pallasvuo that can be seen here http://pagescomic.tumblr.com/

08.05 2011

also, books OPENS TONIGHT

also, books


Beth Heinly, Lizz Hickey, Caroline Hwang and Aidan Koch

August 5th – August 26th, 2011

Opening Reception TONIGHT Friday, August 5th, 7 – 10 pm

08.04 2011

also, books – Caroline Hwang

Look at the amazing process photos from Caroline Hwang’s new blog!  We can’t wait for you to see these pieces in person on Friday night at the opening reception for also, books.  We have admired Caroline’s work for some time and are psyched that she’s involved in this show!

Caroline Hwang is a painter and a do-er living in Brooklyn, New York.  Among painting, illustrating, and doing, she loves to cook and eat and drink coffee.  When she’s not making art, she spends her time cuddling with her dog, Pinky.  She grew up in Southern California and earned her BFA with honors at Art Center College of Design. She currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.  She has been featured in Paper Magazine and Swindle Quarterly and has done illustrations for The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, and, HOW Design, among others.  Her work has been shown at Sloan Fine Art (New York) Clementine Gallery (New York), New Image Gallery (Los Angeles), and Beaver Projects (Copenhagen).

08.03 2011

also, books – Lizz Hickey

We are so excited that Lizz is joining us in person on Friday night for the opening of also, books. In addition to writing the most entertaining emails possibly ever, Lizz also makes pretty fantastic work.  We enjoy this period piece:

We were both laughing and cringing at the same time to this one. Ew/awesome.

Lizz will be conducting a reading at around 8:15pm on Friday night! Hope it’s gross!!

Lizz Hickey is a Printmaker and Cartoonist. She lives in Brooklyn where she enjoys telling jokes, reading comics in public places for more laughs, making prints, and living life. You can see her art and self loathing on lizzhickey.com.

08.02 2011

also, books – Beth Heinly

Beth Heinly has been furiously installing for the past few days in the gallery. She is now the master of silver reflective mylar, as seen above.  The coral figure is the artist. Looking good, Beth!

We’re so excited for her performance Friday night from 7pm to 8pm.  Let’s get ripped.  Also, see you at her performance on Tuesday, August 23rd – Celebrity Fitness Hour – to keep up that toned beach bod, babe.

Beth Heinly is a Leo, born on August 16th 1981.  She is a collective member of Little Berlin gallery where she curates exhibits and manages a zine library.  She has exhibited throughout Philadelphia and Paris mainly concentrating on performance.  When she is not performing she draws comics under the pseudonym, the 3:00 book, aka, 3:00.  Amidst her obvious identity  crisis she lives through the prerequisite, do not take life so seriously.

08.01 2011

also, books this FIRST FRIDAY

come by Friday from 7 to 10pm for the opening reception for

also, books

featuring Beth Heinly, Lizz Hickey, Caroline Hwang, Aidan Koch

(facebook event page)

08.01 2011

Mike Robinson, Joe DeRosa and Andrew Jeffrey Wright Comedy!

Thursday August 4th. Drake Tavern. Jenkintown. Pennsylvania. For more info go to this here link. Hurry!


07.31 2011



07.27 2011


That’s Not A Trash Can. Now It Is! Vegan Style.

See It All Here!

07.18 2011

Newly Invented Trash Cans

This is not a trash can. Now it is!

Check it out! Check it all out here!