08.15 2010

Print Liberation X Bill McRight

Print Lib Dragon Wizard Weed

Print Liberation Just made it easier and awesomer to cover you unsightly body! Get one of these bad boys from the good boys at Print Liberation!

08.11 2010


Friday, August 13th: Opening reception for the NEVER NOTHING photo show and zine release party at Benna’s. (8th and Wharton here in Philadelphia). BE THERE.

Never Nothing is Michael Thorn, Clint Woodside, Chrissy Piper, Peter Hyde, Denis Carey.

08.09 2010

KIMYA DAWSON @ 1026 MONDAY 8/16 8:00pm

THIS MONDAY August 16th * 8:00pm* $10.00
@Space 1026: 1026 Arch St. 2nd floor

The always amazing Kimya Dawson plays folk songs that embrace nostalgia, melancholy and sincerity, as she takes on subjects of love, growing up, growing old, Matlock, and Atari 2600s. Seeing her live in such an intimate venue as 1026 is the best way to see her. K Records.

Homocentric Buddhist acousti-spiritual-folk punk from the lower east side of New York City. Legendary anti-folk performer and all around amazingness.

Music for people who unironically talk to dogs. An edible beanbag chair. A grilled corn muffin at a diner served by a hyper-active waitress who answers questions you didn’t ask, how to hold your own hand, fruits that are commonly mistaken for vegetables, children’s music for adults, ‘cuddle-core’ (unless this is a sub-culture that exists already), and a hybrid between the violent femmes and raffee, queer cupcake-loving honesty pop, an edgy guide to loving every inch of yourself, “that kid”

08.09 2010


On display through August 28th.
View works and installation images HERE.

08.08 2010

Holy Shmoly 4

32 pages of internet girls, full color photos, and giant bow ties.

08.06 2010

TONIGHT – End Of Daze

End Of Daze
Curated by Alex Ebstein of Nudashank Gallery.
Seth Adelsberger, Jordan Bernier, John Bohl, Caitlin Cunningham, Shaun Flynn, Lesser Gonzalez, Chiara Keeling, Robby Rackleff and Jimmy Joe Roche.

Opening Reception: TONIGHT! Friday, August 6th, 7 – 10 pm

More on the exhibition HERE.

08.05 2010

Lightning Bolt at the Ox

It was a music show/swimming in sweat party. In these pics Brian and Brian after the show and some show goers. 2 CUTE!

08.04 2010

Animal Style – Matt Furie

Matt Furie (who was in our exhibition If I Could Shoot Laser Beams Out of My Eyes I would (Shoot Laser Beams Out of My Eyes), January, 2010) has a show of new drawings opening Saturday, August 7th at Giant Robot in New York.

08.02 2010

END OF DAZE Opens Friday.

Space 1026 is excited to present End of Daze, an exhibition of new paintings, drawing, sculptures and videos curated by Alex Ebstein of Baltimore’s Nudashank Gallery. Featuring work from Seth Adelsberger, Jordan Bernier, John Bohl, Caitlin Cunningham, Shaun Flynn, Lesser Gonzalez, Chiara Keeling, Robby Rackleff and Jimmy Joe Roche, End of Daze brings together a selection of work that emerges from the falling haze of a waning psychedelic experience. The images retained are those that quickly melt and dissipate as the room stops spinning and reality comes back into focus. Collectively, these reconstructed kaleidoscopic geometries are odes to a utopian escape from Baltimore’s apocalyptic, post-industrial landscape.

Please join us for an opening reception Friday, August 6th from 7 – 10 pm.

More HERE.

08.02 2010

“Video Free-for-All”

hosted by Hair and Diamonds. Bring your DVD to screen (maximum 10 minutes per person) to help create an ongoing image-stream. Get seen.