01.24 2006

ok here it is, i think

01.24 2006

crap why didn’t that load?

01.24 2006

look what I did!

See what happens when you meet your whatever you call it, other twin from a different dimention or something, what do you call it? I know there’s some funny new word for it…

01.23 2006

Cars Will Burn! @ Tritone 1/30

01/30/2006: Next Monday night…
January 30th starting at 10:30 @ TRITONE…. ($5)
Cars Will Burn!
(Live demonstration of noise+light machine by Mark Price…
Jody Hamilton
(of RIFLE NICE) doing solo eletronic pop…
Starting with visuals and DJing by Large Marge
Tritone 1508 South Street

01.23 2006

Plastic Little & Sweatheart – Joes Pub NYC

aNYthing & Oxy Cottontail Present GENRE NOW!
Plastic Little (aNYthing/Philly) & Sweatheart (Philly)
DJs: King Solomon (Irak/NYC)) & Andrew Jeffrey Wright (Space 1026/Philly)
In Association with IRAK & Fusicology
Joe’s Pub
425 Lafayette
$10 @ DOOR/$5 w/ FLYER
Complimentary Open Bar 11-12

01.20 2006

1500 lbs

at the dump today we weighed in at an excessive 1500 pounds, one of our best single dumps yet.

01.20 2006

Space is Dirty

gonzo: you should post it on the 1026 site.
gonzo: daamn we totally LITTER our planet
gonzo: even in space.
gonzo: we’re good.
haveboard: yea
full story>>

01.19 2006

Shelly, Berin, Shane, Vikki, Jen, Renea, Amanda, Claire, Gibson, and the whole install crew who i am forgetting at the yerba center

you guys are the best. thanks shelly for keeping everything together. berin, thanks for the great opportunity and not freeking out with having that many 5 year olds with power tools and wet paint running around. thanks shane for keeping your cool with us and our mess. thanks jen for making sure that even pubic hairs and boogers on artwork were photographed and registrared, i expect those back in the same condition i gave them to you. And gibson, thanks for showing us lowbot and how rad it is and that beer is still beer no matter where it comes from. sorry if we broke anything and the whole install crew. we couldnt have done it with out you. thankssssssssss

01.17 2006

Photos from SF

on my flickr page I’ve also created a flickr group just for photos from the gallery, but more on that soon…

01.12 2006

Update from SF

yo. so we’re out here installing this show in San Francisco and our friend Derek Inhat has hooked us up with a great review on Juxtapoz’s website. Thanks Derek.