10.09 2013

Ryan McGinness At Bridgette Mayer Gallery Philadelphia

Bridgette Mayer Gallery
Finding Infinity – a show by Ryan McGinness

Finding infinity will be on view October 9 – November 16, 2013

Opening reception, Thursday, October 10, 6:00 – 8:30 PM

Maquette for Amaral Trophy

Bridgette Mayer Gallery, 709 Walnut Street, Philadelphia

10.09 2013

Cars Will Burn “…Check Please.”


“Come on, let’s pop the champagne, this one’s for the life
Did everything you could, be here for the night
Man it feels good, everything is right
Energy is strong enough to brighten up city lights
My whole team winning, no vision of quitting
I rather say I did than let them buzzards say I didn’t
Let ‘em talk about it mane, I’m already living
I risk my life to try everyday to go and get it”


10.04 2013

Classic Hip Hop at Bottle Bar East by DJ haveboard


This Saturday and every first Saturday of the month I’ll be at Bottle Bar East spinning classic hip hop and other “dope jamz” from 9 until 1. Come on out for some good music and good beer! Check the event page on Facebook and RSVP.

10.03 2013

~WET DREAMS~ crystal stokowski and michael persico october 4th-26th 2013


Wet Dreams featuring Crystal Stokowski and Michael Persico at SPACE 1026


 Opening Reception Friday, October 4, 2013, 6pm-10pm


Wet dreams is a mixed media installation by Crystal Stokowski and Michael Persico involving quilting, screen printing, photography, video installation, woodworking and pyrography.  The show is inspired by deep sea celestial voyaging, surfing, and the mysticism surrounding the ocean. The pair of artists are great friends who share a passion for the surf. Although they both currently live in the city they take every opportunity they can to get salty, often times adventuring to find waves together.

In this show Crystal Stokowski gives her layered psychedelic twist to work that is inspired by her surf travels to Australia, New Zealand, and her part time residence in Oahu, Hawaii. She has also volunteered for the Polynesian Voyaging Society, which has influenced her work and given her a deeper appreciation for the sea, surf and sailing. Crystal currently has a show at Benna’s cafe in Philadelphia, until the 10th of October. Next she’s headed to New York for a month long residency starting October 28th at the Clocktower Gallery.


Michael Persico is a Philadelphia based photographer with a self-proclaimed obsession for surf. Although it’s difficult living in the city with his desire to be one with the waves, he wouldn’t have it any other way. The feeling of being in the ocean and surf informs his everyday life and that same feeling is meant to come across in the work.
As a hobby Michael makes hand planes which are a fine tool for any body surfer. In the show you can see his beautiful detail to these woodworks and a collaboration video the two artists bring forward.


09.25 2013


a night of stand-up, short plays, video, music, dance and whatever!

Hosted by Rose Luardo and Andrew Jeffrey Wright!

Featuring Body Dreamz, Greg Barris, Ross Ta Da, Eliza Skinner, Dave Hill, Club Lyfestile and more!

Video by the team Thom/Karl/Jared/Scott!

With DJs Emilio Airhorn and Kurt Life!

Saturday, September 28, 2013
Doors 8pm / Comedy 8:30 – 10:00 / Dance Party 10:01 – ?

The Silent Barn
603 Bushwick Ave.

join the facebook event HERE!


09.24 2013

SLOW FM right now… TUESDAY until 10pm



SLOW FM is a temporary 12-hour pirate radio and online webcasted microstation dedicated to SLOW music, broadcasted live September 24, 2013 10am-10pm EST and existing as an online archive afterward. SLOW FM will be broadcast live from Christchurch Neighborhood House at 20 N. American Street, 4th floor. Philadelphia, PA 19106. Visitors are welcome to visit the station and performance hall. Music will be DJed and performed live throughout the broadcast.

Beginning in the mid 80s, the slow food movement began in Italy and over time grew a rabid following worldwide that continues to this day. Starting in the early 90s, a subgenre of southern hip hop called screw was formed, where vinyl albums were played and re-recorded 20-30% slower, sometimes with added beats, introductions and other effects. This subgenre bubbled beneath the surface for over a decade, and took off in the mid-2000s as the phenomenon of chopped and screwed music was applied to hip hop mixtapes. Increasingly in the past 5 years, experimental musicians have begun to mine this technique to combine hip hop, electronic, ambient/noise and other experimental music. SLOW FM has commissioned artists internationally to create new slowed-down compositions as well as will broadcast the full gamut of slow music from ambient, dub, drone, contemporary classical, dance music, hip hop and cross-genre music. Artists included: Tim Hecker, Lawrence English, Aaron Roche, Greg Fox, Cars Will Burn, Yung Pharoah, Thin Gaze, Selfies, Lil ‘Merica, Ulalume, Chattr, Eartheater, and Indridi Ingolffson. Additional works will be DJed live and slow by Fade Sunshine and Jacob Herschel. The entire broadcast will be considered a 12-hour slow music performance. Curator/DJ/Selector: Lee Tusman. Funded by Pew Center For Arts and Heritage: New Spaces / New Formats.

09.24 2013


The show Comedy Dreamz hosted by Space 1026er Andrew Jeffrey Wright and Sweatheart front woman Rose Luardo gets a mention in The Village Voice’s Cheap Laughs: The Best (Mostly Free) Indie And Alt Comedy This Week. Read all about it HERE!


09.23 2013

ACID RAIN “Acid Reflux” screening + Unguent / Embarker – Wednesday at 8pm!

Please take note of two musical performers who will accompany this Wednesday night’s screening of “Acid Reflux”: Unguent and Embarker!
The screening starts at 8pm with musical acts to follow!
ACID REFLUX [2008-2013]
Space 1026 Gallery / September 25, 2013 / 8pm
followed with musical performances by Unguent and Embarker

09.17 2013


On the website THE WORLD’S BEST EVER, every Friday, a new comic by Andrew Jeffrey Wright. See the first one HERE!

09.15 2013


wild abstract cassette releases from member Lance Simmons newish label



Tinnitus-Timulus-1 Some-Pepper-1 Scanning-1 Kelpius-Lotion-1

every tape an object

every sound a portal