06.29 2005


our opening is in two days!

06.25 2005

things that are good = thom

things that are not good = the blog is only like 6 entries deep and all of the old stuff gone disappeared. aw gee gonzo cant we have just a bit more porridge please, pretty pretty please. who we saving bandwith for anyway – comcast already got like a gazillion gigahertz?

06.24 2005


eames movie night!!!THIS FRIDAY!!!! FREE!!!As a “good bye free library” kind of party we are having a free screening of a bunch of films by charles and ray eames. please come out and have fun… enjoy the good vibes and enjoy the last day of the free library exhibit.some films schedualed are:powers of ten.901: after 45 years of workingsx-70house: after 5 years of living.Design Q&AFiberglass ChairsTopsLounge ChairExpanding Airport(well… maybe not all… but alot of those…)so come out and have a good time with all of us.Friday June 24th 8:00pm Space 1026 1026 Arch st. Philadelphia FREE!!!FREE!!!FREE!!!FREE!!!FREE!!!FREE!!!FREE!!!FREE!!!

06.24 2005

oh shit!

former space member tim gough got some art up on fecal face. stoked.

06.24 2005


Minnow is located at 700 S. 6th street. Check out art from philly locals Mike Stein and Mike Frank. It’ll be awesome.

06.23 2005

Matt Schwartz!!!

do you have a space site login? why not? it’s my fault i bet…

06.23 2005

How to fix the network

how to fix our hodgepodge wireless network that crashes more often than it’s up:

unplug EVERYTHING. (2 upstairs front room routers, 1 upstairs backroom router, and 1 router in the store downstairs AND the cable modem)

Only unplug the electricity, not the ethernet cables.

On the NON-wireless router in the front room, hold in the reset button for a full 30 seconds (one mississipi..ect..) then plug that router back in.
you don’t need to touch the reset button on any of the other 3 routers!!!!! that’s probably the most important part. anyway after about 30 seconds plug in the wireless router next to it (#2). Then go downstairs and plug back in that router (that

06.23 2005

internet down

Can tech hold a Router 101 class for the rest of us???.. I’m at the Market using wireless right now– it’s colder that a witches titty in here. I like my sweatbox…Liz

06.23 2005


THE BIKE IN FILM II July 29-30, 8pm International House Philadelphia, 3701 Chestnut St.FREE valet bike parkingThere will be an after-party at the WHITE DOG CAFE, who has generously offered to provide fest goers with discounts on beer and grub, following Saturday

06.22 2005

i’m a new man

and back in phila